Family Session Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my photo session last?

Each photo session will last 10-15 minutes


What time should I arrive for my photo session?

We advise that you arrive at your exact photo session time and ring the bell at your pre-booked time. Please be considerate to others as other photo sessions will be taking place. 


What can I do to prepare for my photo session?

Ensure that everyone is well fed, rested and dressed in advance (especially young children). Session times can go quite fast, so it is important to be ready to go!


What can I expect during my photoshoot?

The photographer will take a variety of images (standing and sitting) including individual poses, siblings, couples and group shots where appropriate. If you would like a specific pose, let the photographer know in advance.


How formal is my photoshoot?

This photo session is intended to be a fun and casual photoshoot, not a formal portrait sitting. We encourage adults and children to dress in comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in for different poses. 


What should we wear to our photo session?

Choosing what clothes the family will wear can be daunting, but the most important consideration is that the clothes fit well. For fun and casual photos we recommend the following:

  • Footwear - No shoes are worn during your photoshoot. We advise families to wear plain socks, tights or stockings in a neutral colour. Alternatively, barefoot is an option too.
  • Simple - Avoid busy patterns and bold colours to keep focus on faces rather than what everyone is wearing.
  • Co-ordinating colours (not a uniform, but there should be a theme) - Dissimiliar colours in groups tend to be more distracting and solid colours are best. Decide whether you like warm tones (e.g. browns) or cool tones (blues/ greys etc.) and choose clothing that complements your choice. Pastels are usually more appealing as they enhance skin tones. Dark color tops give photos a more serious and more thoughtful feel (also black is slimming). Lighter tops give a more casual and brighter look, but if anyone in your family is pale, white can make them look paler.
  • Clothing style - For children, choose an outfit that fits well, without a lot of 'growing room'. It will be apparent in your final images if the children are uncomfotable.
  • Make-up/ Hair / Nails - Keep hairstyles simple and off the face. Make-up should be applied simply and blended well. Nails should be trimmed and simple
  • Accessories - Overbearing or noticable accessories can be a distraction. Simple and minimal works best.
  • Glasses. May or may not be worn, but non-reflective lenses will ensure no glare in your pictures. 
  • Clothing Choice - We hope that your pictures will be enjoyed for many generations to come, so fad type clothing should be avoided. Jeans are a timeless choice, and great for casual and fun pictures as they are flattering and do not show wrinkles.


Other questions?

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me before your photo session. See you at your shoot!